I locked my keys and my car and had my husband google a locksmith. The first one he found advertised as a $15 Service Fee. I’m not an idiot. I knew that was the fee just for them coming out and would probably have to pay more for the actual service. On the phone, I asked for a guesstimate of what I would be paying and the guy said it starts at $25 plus the service fee. I thought…that’s not too bad. The tech gets there and said it’s going to be $75 dollars PLUS the service fee…so $90 f$reakin dollars?? That is a HUGE difference from the measely $25 I was originally quoted.When I called the manager, they were so rude with me and talked to me like I was an idiot telling me…”You got a really good deal…that’s the cheapest we’ve charged today.” Ok fine and dandy if that is your price…but freakin tell me that on the phone when I ask you!! Otherwise, I could have waited for my husband to come for free. But since I had already told my husband not to leave work since I was only going to be out $40…it was too late. THEN when I called and asked for the website…they wouldn’t give it to me! She said…”oh we have a few different ones. What do you want it for?” Who cares! Give me the freakin website!! (Mainly so I can right a google review to warn everyone NOT to use this company!) Whatever you do…DO NOT use these people at 972-584-0577 unless you want to paying AT LEAST $100 to unlock your care and you want to be talked to like an idiot.

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