A&A transmission Surside Beach, S.C.


A&A transmission/ Surside Beach, S.C. Took over a year to try to fix and still DID NOT fix car Surfside Beach South Carolina!!. My fiasco began over a year ago, when I took my car to this transmission repair shop. I was told my transmission was bad and it would cost $2300.00 to fix. Two weeks later, the guy came back and said he would need an additional $1000.00 or he could not fix it. I stated that we were at the point where it did not make sense to invest that money, but he reassured me that this was the last he would ask for money, and that this would fix the car, as the rest of the car was in good shape. Eight months later, he returned my car and it did work long enough, 3 weeks, to take on vacation. The car broke on vacation and I had to split the cost of getting it back to South Carolina to be fixed. The original issue was the car would not shift out of low gear. While going down the road 70 miles an hour on the interstate, the car reverted back to low gear. This in turn caused the RPMs to max out, and a clicking sound began. Short of the story, the owner fixed the transmission, but would not fix the clicking sound. When I picked up the car he claimed no responsibility for the clicking sound, which he acknowleded would cost $1000.00s of dollars, and was not worth it. He suggested I put it on Craig’s list for parts. Total joke!

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