Adriatic Internet services newburgh, Indiana Review


Do not do business with Adriatic Internet Services,When we decided to give this a try on to this adult business i was going to do it with my partner. our own site, our own stock, we just need a supplier, i started looking on the internet for suppliers and i found A.I.S., i contacted them on the online form, a few days later i received a call from Bob and he started talking me about the concept of working with them. he told me forget about building your own site that cost to much , go with us we will take care of everything. your own shop he offered me 5,000 products with the basic store and other perks. I decide to give it a changce and paid 165.00 to get my shop build up. and they set up everything. seven to ten days later i have my own shop. and in this whole time i have had no sales promotion on the site by that time, a day later Mr BOB a.k.a. M **F, call me and said mike, is in charge on marketing your site. i will him to talk to you about some package and upgrades so you can make your site bigger and better, and sent me an email showing packages and different prices. i sat down and starting thinking and i said to my partner lets do this` so we decided to go with the biggest package of them all that cost 5,000.00 that included everything. i called bob and i said to him listen bob a.k.a M**F, i want the big package but is there any way i cant get it for less than 5000.00 ?he said to me yes you can get it for $ 165.00 this lady’s boy friend charge her card for this large web site and now I need to move it cheap d**n i am a fool and i miss all the mixed signals that tell this is shady or to good to be true. i gave him the money off two credit cards, i started to customize my site, putting the lowest prices on the market,we started promoting our site on Google and on Facebook ads , invested a lot of money to get people on our site.we place a counter on it to see how many people were getting in, in the first month i received almost 5,000 visits on my first counter and guess what? no sales… what are the odds of me having the lowest prices top 3 on Google search engine. and not one sale in a month? i said OK cool what am i doing wrong? i was investing a lot of time on the site. i created a Facebook page for my site. promoted to page with Facebook ads. i opened a twitter account and i was promoting there , i also did a Myspace , i got concern i talk to BOB and he told me to sell on eBay, to do home parties , i started posting on eBay but i saw that they were many competitive prices and with eBay fees and shipping fees from A.I.S. i was almost impossible to get some profits from the products. then i started complaining with bob because every single day the site was down and many many technical problems. the page was very very slow and sometime unavailable. i was rude to bob about this and i said to him that i was going to file a charge back with my bank for this transaction and he was like no take it easy i know i suck balls but i will help you out , we had a person buy one item that she never got so then guess what after i started complaining months later after getting NOTHING, then i started to see all the Ripoff Scamss and all the scam alerts that mentioned A.I.S. and they all said the same thing!.If any of you out there wont to file a class action suit against these fools contact me at [email protected] and we all can try to get back our money and to put a stop to these’s M**F**ers, so that they dont do this s**t again I’am open to any thing out there hope to hear from all of you very soon we can make a stand and file on them people like this gives this country a bad name let’s take there money so we all get paid back dont wait lets file motion’s in there courts and tell the media about them and what there doing to the people

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