Albertson’s Grocer Shalimar Florida Review


I purchased some Virginia Ham at the Deli at Albertsons today primarily because it was “buy 1

get 1 free.”” I ordered up a pound sliced for sandwiches. When the cashier rung it up

the total was too high and I asked if I had gotten my buy 1 get 1 free on the ham since I am a preferred customer (one of those little plastic key chain cards). She said “”no”” you have to have two separate physical packages. I said “”so if I had ordered the ham in two packages

it would have been okay?”” Them – “”Well no

you have to buy a pound.”” Me “”Show me where it says that in the ad.”” Them (now a supervisor) “”right here it says save up to 7.99).”” Me – “”Correct

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