AM PM Arco Gas Station Beware of this company and their wrongdoing!! Do not do business with this company..I was cheated at this gas station. I gave $15 to cashier and only received only $5 worth of gas at the pump. Manager refused to refund my $10 back. Fresno California!!. Yesterday September 23, 2018 around 2:57 pm. I stopped at this gas station to fill my tank. I gave the cashier $15 and I only received $5 worth of gas. I went back inside the store to get my money back and explained the cashier that the pump stopped suddenly. But he did want to help me. At that moment there was two employees a male and a female. Neither one of them wanted to come and outside and check the pump to see why it stopped nor did they wanted to give me my money back. I waited about around half an hour outside basically begging them to come outside and see the amount on the gas pump. They were very rude, kept me so long for nothing. One of the employees (the female) gave me a receipt with her hand writing, stating what had happened. This is exactly what she wrote on the receipt “Gave $15 to cashier only got $5.00 in gas.” Today September 24, 2018 I went back and claim my money, but the manager refused to give me my money back. He said that the cameras could did not capture the amount on the gas pump ;therefore, there was nothing that they could do for me. I have a proof that they owe me $10 dollars. This company has unfair business pratices, and it is engaged in wrongdoing. I want my money back, but I would really appreciate if this business was investigated to check for any wrongdoings. I am sure I am not the first person that has been scammed by this company,

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