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Shortly after we moved into our new home, Rehan Rabbani came to our door selling home security system and monitoring services through Moni. We exchanged contact information and Rehan was very persistant the following week or so. I compared his offer with other salesmen and negotiated what I thought was a good deal. I am familiar with Moni as my parents used them in the past and we have a few family friends and neighbors that use them. | Rehan came to our house on a Monday evening, took pre-payment for additional equipment (door bell camera, back door camera, 4G cell trasnmitter, 2x wireless motion senors) , installation of said equipment, and then 3 year monitoring aggrement. We agreed that he would come install that Friday of that week. He cashed the check the next day, and he has obviously not come install since then. He has made promises that he will come next week several times, but each promise is followed with an excuse of why he wasn’t able to come. | He has not answered a phone call since April, and only intermittently responds to text messages only to say some variation of “sorry I will come next week to install I promise”. Rehan Rabbani / American Alarm Security is an “authorized dealers” for MONI / Brinks Home Security but MONI / Brinks Home Security has been no help whatsoever. I cannot believe a national corporation like MONI / Brinks Home Security would be associated and work with people like Rehan Rabbani. I’ve contacted MONI / Brinks Home Security several times by SMS, twitter, and phone, and they say they cannot help me because I don’t have an account set up with them. However the reason I don’t have an account set up with them is that THEIR AUTHORIZED DEALER Rehan Rabbani / American Alarm Security has not set it up! Ironically, MONI / Brinks Home Security continue to enable this type of behavior from these runaway salemen by giving them a layer of security and instead screw the end user/consumer of their services.

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