America’s Loan Company


Was called by company offering Loan with good repay amounts, was sent wire check to obtain iTunes cards to purchase to increase credit rating, used debt card to purchase in certain amounts and then called Steven Johnson back to give him numbers. I looked up company to check reviews on internet of company and all reviews positive. After a day received a call that accounting said rating went up but not enough so would have to repeat the process, before I did this I went to my bank and checked with banker prior to obtaining cash to make the purchases agai, called Steven Johnson back and he told me would get back to me in the afternoon. So I waited, called back waited and then 4 days later finally talked to someone. This person told me Steven was fired when he came in that morning and that’s when I asked him if this was a scam and told yes, so I screamed at this guy called hum and his company many names and hung up. Shortly after this guy called back and I then told him what he could do to himself and his company and he said this is how they made money, so I screamed that they robbed a senior citizen and they could go F…. themselves and hung up. The next day I repeatedly got calls from them until I picked up and said this is a scam do not call me again.

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