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I had my wife take her 2005 Jeep Liberty to get a Catalytic converter changed on her car. Andersons Tireman called her back and told her she needs a whole new exhaust system plus 2 new catalytic converters and 2 new oxygen sensors. The total bill was going to be $880.00. I am her husband and knew that this was a scam because I had already checked the module and it had stated that both oxygen sensors were fine and that the catalytic converter on the right side (bank-2) needed replaced because it was below efficency. Instead of Andersons Tireman changing just the part that was wrong, they wanted her to pay for a totally brand new exhaust and everything else that went with it. I ended up taking the vehicle to another shop that was recommended to me. They diagnosed the correct catalytic converter that needed to be replaced for a total of $189.99. This means a savings of almost $700.00 or 78.4% of what Andersons tireman was trying charge my wife. Someone needs to Investigate the practices of this company. They are ripping off people and trying to replace parts on vehicles that aren’t bad.

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