Andrew Erisman (Freestone Capital Management)


A Rude and Indecent Financial Advisor

Andrew Erisman has been my dadís financial advisor for some time now. He seemed like a decent guy in the beginning but now, he has become horrible. My dad told me that he doesnít like the way Andrew talks to him. It is very disrespectful. On top of that, it seems obvious that Andrew talks to him like this deliberately. I mean Andrew talks to him this way to make him feel inferior in some way. That guy either has some serious problems or has forgotten how he should behave with clients. In any case, thatís not a good quality for any professional let alone a wealth advisor. Thatís why I advise others to avoid hiring Andrew Erisman.†

My dad has tried to object to such behaviour but Andrew doesnít acknowledge that. Either he doesnít like to take criticism or he is oblivious to it. In both cases, it makes conversations difficult for my father. Andrew once used some words in a meeting that my dad didn’t like. I canít write those words here. Obviously, my dad was shocked to hear such a horrible thing coming from his advisorís mouth. Anyone would be shocked. After all, they were in a professional setting – an advisor was meeting with his client. Thereís no way my dad would have tolerated such behaviour. But he is trapped with Freestone Capital at the moment.†

If youíre looking for a wealth advisor and have come across the name of Andrew Erisman, then please avoid him. That man doesnít know how to talk to clients or how to behave with clients. Moreover, there are many wealth advisors in the industry. You donít have to hire one which canít talk properly with you. Any wealth advisor who talks rudely with his clients is clearly an unprofessional one.

That person doesnít care enough about his clients to treat them with respect. I believe Andrew has grown complacent and is an egoist. He is full of himself and things others are inferior to him. Itís a genuine possibility, considering he tries to surround himself with ĎYes Mení all the time. So, it would be wise to avoid working with this man. Not only does he not care about how his clients feel but he also remains oblivious to his rude behaviour. Hiring him can be a nightmare for you or your relatives. Please take my review seriously and avoid working with that man.†

Who is Andrew Erisman?

For the sake of clarity, Iíll explain who is this Andrew Erisman person Iím talking about. After all, I donít want some random person to get mad at a different Andrew. 

Andrew Erisman is a client advisor at Freestone Capital Management. He has CIMA certification where CIMA stands for Certified Investment Management Analyst. Andrew joined Freestone Capital Management as a client advisor in May 2009. He has been working with them since then. 

As you can see, Andrew has a very attractive profile. He is qualified and experienced. Thatís a big reason why my dad hired him. He just never expected Andrew to turn out to be a rude, indecent, and unprofessional person. If he had any idea that Andrew would be an indecent and rude advisor, he wouldnít have hired that guy. But he did, and now he is paying the price for it.

I donít want anyone to suffer the way he is suffering right now. He hates working with Andrew and Iím pretty sure many of his other clients hate him too. They are probably working with him because they donít want to face any drama or hassle of switching wealth advisors. You should avoid Andrew Erisman. 

Andrew Erisman of Freestone Capital Management uses offensive words, is indecent, and a rude wealth advisor. You should avoid working with a service provider that gets jealous of your finances, and Andrew is one of them.

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