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092514 Anthony Reese of Appliance Repair by Anthony of Albuquerque, New Mexico came to repair a Maytag Refrigerator Model MTF2142MES00, S/N EV1413521 Purchased 080812 from Home Depot, a cost of over $500.00. System was not cooling the refrigerator part but freezer was iced okay, he said itís the starter capacitor on the compressor, then the freezer blower motor and replaced the circuit board twice with out doing any voltage checks or refering to schematics, charged me $300.00 with a 90day warranty. System never worked. Then he said he would refund my money, cause he couldnít figure it out. I lost all my food a cost of $300.00. Had to buy another refrigerator and replace all the food. Months of calling him with no results. I called Ortega Appliances the next day to understand what he did and their report was that the compressor was shorted to ground this cost me an additional $74.55. Thatís been 5 months trying to get a refund from Appliance Repair by Anthony. Desired Outcome To get him to refund the $300 plus additional cost to find that the refrigerator was shorted to ground by his work and was dead for $74.55 a total refund of $374.55. A side note is that he is a pathological liar. .

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