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Complaint: reporting Anastasia date,something is wrong,is like machine swallow money from customer,I pay 15.99 for twenty credits but with the exchange is 6 dollars more, I sent two emails to Anastasia date why they charge for read the letters,when I chat I expend the 20credits and I count less than 10 minutes is supose one credit is one minute I never arrive the minutes suppose to be 20 minutes I expend 20 credits, if I phone is 25.99 dollars for 5 minutes one additional minutes is 5.25 this is an outrage. They ask for money for everything who build this website is for frsud, to swallow money from customer,someone has to do something,there is another website better with all the benefits with less money,I sent two emails to Anastasia date saying why ask money for everything is like mafia

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