ATCO Transmission – North Hollywood CA


ATCO Transmission North Hollywood CA This transmission shop STOLE my car!!! North Hollywood California!!. These guys are CROOKS!!!! My car was stolen from me. Atco Transmission was authorized to fix the clutch and when said car was returned to them they made false accusations and are now trying to steal the car; saying it was the starter that was bad not their awful workmanship; the clutch and shifting mechanism NEVER worked correctly after picking up the car. I want the money I paid them for the repair that I paid $900 for. I also want them to pay me for the value of the car. When the car was returned to them I authorized them to pull the faulty part out and now they are saying u201cthey donu2019t want to because it would cost more to do thatu201d. I was never notified and nothing was signed over to them. Now they put a lien on it so that they donu2019t have to return the monies due back to me and on top of it they are going to put the car in their name. This was NOT AUTHORIZED verbally or in writing. Cole at Atco NEVER contacted me to say what he was doing with the car and all of a sudden I get something from the State of California; this needs to be Stopped immediately!!!!!!!!!!! I have witnesses to attest to these facts.

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