Atomic Boxing Review


Tom Ryan, owner of Atomic Boxing led me to believe that I was signing up for the weight loss program that was run by q didferent company during 2015. They have before/after photos all over the entry walls of their gym and on their web page that are from a program that was run by a different company within their facility during 2015. They are using these photos and the success of this other company to promote a program that is not at all the same. they took my money and when I found out about it and called them on their scam, they refused to refund me. Buyer beware! This company is run by two brother that don’t care about anything but money and will lie cheat steal and decieve with a smile on their face! Don’t be fooled like I was!!!


Name: Atomic Boxing

Country: United States

State: California

City: Torrance

Address: 25355 Crenshaw Blvd

Phone: 310-539-6685


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