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Auensure Extended Auto Warranties Southern Warranty Inc. (dba Auensure) owner named Keith Durrand Former Unpaid Employee of Auensure aka “Southern Warranty Inc.” Apopka, Florida!!. I had stated working for this company named “Auensure” aka Southern Warranty Inc. for a person named Keith Durand out of Apopka Florida. I started there on 4-15-12 and was paid an hourly rate plus some small commission on the Sales of Extended Auto Warranties, through mainly American Auto Shield, the underwriter for the policies that I sold. On June 14, 2012, Myself and two other employee that I know of were sent this email from Keith Durand, here’s a copy of his parting statement to us: Attention all Southern Warranty Inc. dba Auensure staff, vendors and partners; Effective immediately, Auensure will be closed for business. While Auensure has built its reputation for offering a solid product and straight forward sales approach our major finance partner has not. As a result, Auensure income and future receivables have been terminated which has forced us to dissolve the company. At this point no further expenses will be paid. All products sold through yesterday June 14th will be fulfilled and honored. Keith Durand So thank you Keith “Ripoff” Durand you left me without MONEY to pay my rent and buy food, you are a CON ARTIST of the most EVIL KIND. I could very well be left homeless in a matter of a few days what would you care??? Keith is STILL to this day operating his business and in the process of renewing his “” website and will post a new 800 number and fax for the Poor and Unsuspecting public that will fall for his Ripoff Ways !! Lookout for him!!! He is a Liar and Con Artist, if he doesn’t pay his employees, why would he provide service for your cars?? His radio advertisements are all across the country still to this day (as of 7-9-2012) advertising Auensure for being the Best Extended Auto Warranty company – Thanks Alot for NOTHING Keith !! Rip-Off Artist !!

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