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Published with Authorhouse back in 2014 and received only one royalty check for 99 cents. Ridiculous. Always telling me the book wasnt selling enough copies to receive a royalty check. I dont beleive them. Never have gotten anymore checks. Fraud company to be sure. This publisher takes money from me the author and promises you it will be a big hit in the book market stores. They do not respond to questions of how many of your books they have sold or when you can expect another royalty check. They just want you to order books on your on to sell yourself or pay for more advertising. They really talk a good game and mess with your head that your book is the greatest but after they publish it which matter of fact was a lousy job of color and print you never hear anything back from them about how your book is doing in the bookstores. Could have sold a million copies for all I know but me the author as of 2019 has received only 99 cent! Stay away from them .

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