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Over two and a half months ago, I contacted my Home Warranty company to report that the AC unit was not working properly. Authorized Service Center (herein ASC) sent a technician who did not check everything but just put freon in and said that was all it needed. Of course, within a week, there was still problems and I again called and was sent out another technician who did not check all of the units but said your AC is working fine and I don’t have time to wait around and see if it gets warmer. At that point, the Home Warranty Company (herein HWC) requested another vendor for a second opinion which took over a month. When they finally arrived, they said it was the thermostat which no one had checked before. While waiting for a thermostat to be installed, the unit went completely out on a weekend. I called the HWC who sent an emergency request out to repair the unit. ASC received the call and came out Sunday and said that the whole heat pump condenser was shot and unrepairable. This tech also stated that it had to have been leaking for a long time in order for it to be this bad. In the meantime, I am paying for a motel room for the family (my tenants) that live there because there is a heat advisory and the wife has health problems. Finally, a unit was installed on Wednesday. OH but that is not all – it still was not working and they sent out another technician who said the unit in the attic was shot and unrepairable and they put in a new unit on Saturday. Oh but that is not all – there was a wire (we found this out later) that was not hooked up properly and again my tenants spent two nights in a motel. Finally, another repair tech came and installed a new thermostat (the problem to begin with) and fixed the wire. It is now working properly but a person in their office at ASC told me that they had to charge me $300 because of an access problem. I asked if it was something my tenant could do and she said no and if I refused they would just go on with other calls. Well I needed to get this fixed so I said ok and found out later, it took 30 minutes to fix the access problem in which my tenant said he could have done it and even helped them replace the ladder they removed. Wherein, if they had diagnosed the unit properly in the beginning I would not have had to pay all of those nights (over $300) for motels and had time to check into the access problem. On top of this, they have been rude and very unprofessional to my tenants and he witnessed some of the techs not even checking for the leak when they came out to service it. There are a few more details but this is the basis for my dispute and I have asked them not to cash my checks as I have not received any paperwork, invoices, or anything.

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