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Auto Europe ,, Be very careful about the contract with this company,, Portland, Maine!!. I rented a car from Auto Europe for use in Europe for $336.44. I received a contract statement that said “Paid in Full” in red. There was no mention of additional fees. In the comments section was a statement “IOW FEE E999.00+VAT Per Rental Paid Locally”. I did not think anything about it since my statement/voucher said Paid in Full. I was surprised when an additional $1600 was added to the rental fees by Avis, the company Auto Europe contracted to provide the vehicle. When I contacted Auto Europe, they told me that the E999.00 was a transfer fee that Avis required and that their service was paid in full but I owed the money to Avis. When dealing with this company be very careful about undisclosed or hidden fees, or better yet, deal with reputable companies like AVIS directly.

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