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Autonation Ford Ft. Lauderdale Certified Pre-Owned Ripoff! Focus 2013 Ft. Lauderdale Florida!!. As much as I wish this had been a good experience with Autonation Ford Ft. Lauderdale, it wasn’t, and they’ve had so many chances to make it right and yet they have no intention or level of willingness to own their mistakes. They just don’t care about the consumer once the sale is done… I bought a 2018 certified pre-owned Ford Focus SE with 38k miles about 8 months ago and it’s been an absolutely awful experience! The fact that they certified the vehicle knowing the current clutch/trans issues it had is terrible, and this is a nationwide problem with the Focus. It’s been back to the shop 3 times and STILL it drives horribly…coughing, sluggish, sputtering, etc. So now I’m in the market for a brand new car and last night the appraised value on my Focus came in at $9,000, of course because of the clutch/trans issues. So now I get taken to the cleaners on both ends…thanks guys, much appreciated. And to make matters worse, I don’t want to take it in for yet a 4th visit to the shop there because the level of customer service, communication and quality of work (AKA: honesty) is mediocre at best. I’ve contacted management at Autonation Ford – Ft Lauderdale several times and no one cares, not one bit! I even contact Ford Corporate and likewise, they feed me some crap about the yada yada yada, no one cares. I want to buy American so badly, I really do!!! I want to support our workers more than you know, but it’s experiences like this that drive a patriotic consumer back to buying foreign cars. I understand cars have problems, but what bothers me most is that Auto Nation Ford – Ft Lauderdale certified the car knowing very well of the problems it had, and that many Focuses have on a national level, yet to this day they stand by their decision to certify this vehicle and refuse to own any responsibility for the poor business practices they engage in. So now I’m spending the next 2 hours scouring the internet in order to share my experience on as many websites as possible. If I’m stuck driving this crappy car and simultaneously being forced to take a $5000 loss on it, then let this dealer feel a financial hurt on their end for the actions they took and for their unwillingness to own it. BE AWARE…just because they deem the car worthy of being a “Certified Pre-Owned” means nothing, other than it passed some hokey multi-point inspection. And when they do get called out for shady business practices, they’ll feed you a bunch of hokey and placate you with how they “understand your frustration,” but at the end of the day they will do nothing to make it right.

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