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B & B Auto Brokers B & B Auto sells you dangerous and deadly cars, then laugh at you Arden North Carolina!!. I bought a 2000 Pontiac Grand Am from B&B on 6/10/13, but the second week I had brake lights coming on and they were squealing with use. Turn signal has some kind of electrical short in it and goes on and off at any random time it decides to and wont stop for several minutes! I asked them if they would repair them and they told me flat out, no! I was then reminded I had bought the car as is. Third week rolls around and I have no air conditioning! Guess what they said, as-is! Along this time, every time I hit a bump in the roud or the car bounces, for some strange reason, all the dash light pop on and the bells start chimming and it tells me service engine soon, check engine soon! Thats strage right? Fourth week now, my car will not start at all. Upon looking it over to see why it will not start, we find that the fuel injection bar is simply sitting on the side of the engine – UNBOLTED – not conncect to the motor at all. No wonder each bounce set the system into a panic of lights and sounds! The bounce caused the bar to raise up and out of the engine! Squirting gas out onto the motor. After my husband mashed it down long enough for me to drive it to the dealer to make my car payment for that week, I asked them if they would at least stand behind something as deadly as that and they laughed and said to me, “You bought it as is” Well, their mechanic seemed to feel bad about it and he zip tied it into place somewhat and told me how dangerous it was and that it could catch the car on fire at any time like that with it puhing out the fuel that way. They didnt have either of the two bolts to connect it to the engine safely of course. The mechanic told me they get them from the auction and dont give him anything to work with for repairs on them so he cant be expected to work miricles on thier cars there! At that point, we started it up again and since it was hot from the drive to thier office, and the fact that it had been mis-firing with it like that so long, it now began to loudly have a rod knocking !!! The mechanic face was all I needed to know that I was in trouble! They also were due to give me my tags that day (week4) but since they are so sloppy in what they do in there, they lost my title and did not have my tags! The temp tag was to expire the next day. When I complained about all the rod knocking and the fuel injectors and all he laughed in my face and had the audacity to say to me, “Thats not my problem lady! As – is”. My reply was simply, it is now, cause you can keep it! I had the car a total of 29 days. They should be shut down. Utterly disgusting.

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