Barnette’s Engines


Barnette’s Engines This company does not standby warranty they always so it is someone else fault Chesapeake, Virginia!!. This company is a ripoff. I paid them 3850 to fix engine in my 07 cadillic escalade. It took them 2 mo to fix it because they said they had to order the parts. Once I got the engine back, it used 2 quarts of oil every two weeks. I called them to report what was going on and they told me to have some minor work done that did not cost much maybe 150 bucks, so I got that done but truck still uses oil. I had to pull the motor back out And send back to them. It took this company a Mo. To get back with me and to tell me this engine is not under warranty because it was installed wrong and had a Oil leak and heat tab where gone. This was The craziest thing I have heard. This company is out to rip people of and the crappy Piece of paper they call a warranty is not worthy the paper It is printed on. This place needed to be out of service. They never say they dis anything wrong and put all fualt on the person putting the motor in. This is sick And something need to be done about these people. They all have nasty attitudes when you call and tell them there wrong. Never send your Engine to these people.

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