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B&B Automotive I bought a vehicle 3 months ago those people give me a lemon car ,since l bought it l keep having problems each times l have to got it back 100 dollars the last times they got it which was 6th one they told me the car can’t be fix …. they want to give me a crap .l told them l have to pay this vehicle therefore l should pick what l want and their refuse to give me it and the manager told me well go to any other deal to get a car ..the problem is the new deal need a letter says that l don’t have this car anymore and they refused to give it to me … their said if l don’t buy another one from them l will have to pay this loan withot have the car what kiND of s* is that… 4436 Rte 130S Burlington, NJ 08016. New Jersey!!. they are rip off the vehicle their gave me was cost 4000 and they charged me 12000 for it .. and every week they had to tow my car in because of different types of problems , their got and the engine gone therefore they wanted to give me something that l don’t like and want to charged me 8000 dollars more and say my account is still open l have to get whatever their want for me to be abless to get thus previous account closed or l will have to pay it even l don’t have the car…

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