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Advisors are Self-centred

BCR Wealth Strategies has probably the most arrogant wealth managers in the state. I have worked with service providers and I know how the service sector works. But I have never seen such pathetic service before. 

My wealth advisor from BCR Wealth Strategies behaves unprofessionally during meetings. Itís obvious that they donít listen to me. They act as if I donít know anything about finance and I donít like such treatment. It seems arrogant and rude. I never thought I could receive such pathetic client service in this sector. No matter what I tell my advisor, they always give me the same financial advice. Itís clear to me that they are giving cookie-cutter advice to me. 

These people claim to offer personalized services but they are lying. Thereís no way that they are giving personalized services to their clients. In my experience, these people have created certain templates to respond to any questions and they use them repeatedly. There is no personalization in that. 

It is deceitful of them to claim that they offer personalized services. I have never seen such vicious behavior in this sector before. Thatís why I donít recommend doing business with this company. 

The wealth advisors at this place donít like to listen to their clients. They act as if they are listening to you but they only do what they want to do. Whenever I ask a question regarding my investments, I notice that they give me a cookie-cutter response. Itís like talking to a chatbot. Itís annoying and is certainly not what I signed up for. If I wanted to get automated computer-like responses, I would have hired a robot or an AI bot to suggest investments. But I didnít want that did I? I wanted a personalized experience where my advisor listened to me and at least tried to understand my concerns. 

At this place, the advisors pretend to listen to you and then tell you the same thing they had said a few minutes ago. I really believe that BCR Wealth Strategies should work on improving their services. If they keep  this up, I donít think they would survive long. Such client service disheartens your customers and makes them feel less valued. 

However, the way they behave in meetings, I donít think they would change any time soon. In my opinion, those people will remain this way until they start noticing this in themselves. Until then, I would strongly advise the readers of this review to avoid doing business with this service provider. Itís detrimental to work with a finance advisor who refuses to listen to you. 

One of the biggest duties of a financial advisor is to understand their clientís requirements and suggest investments accordingly. The financial advisor would analyze their clientís goals and requirements to figure out the best possible options for them. You wonít see such things happening at BCR Wealth Strategies. The advisors here resort to a different method of client service. These people wouldnít try to understand your requirements. They would pretend that they understand, but they really donít. Instead, they will have some predetermined suggestions based on a certain criteria and they would give you the same. Do you see how annoying it is? 

BCR Wealth Strategies Review: Verdict

I wouldnít recommend working with the wealth advisors at BCR Wealth Strategies. If they change themselves in the future, I would gladly suggest their services to everyone but until then, I canít recommend them. It would be unethical of me to suggest such a terrible service provider. 

The people at this company should realise that there are plenty of service providers in the market and they arenít the only option out there. The sooner they realise this thing the better it would be for them. 

BCR Wealth Strategiesí wealth advisors give automated responses and cookie-cutter advice to clients. Thereís no personalization in their services. Because of these reasons, I wouldnít recommend their services to anyone.

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