Best Buy olympia Washington Review


On june 30, i was shopping best buy looking for a new computer. i found one that i liked so i applied to get a best buy card. on the application, you have a choice of applying for a household card as well. I was informed that it would only be 1 credit report for the 2 applications. i went ahead and applied for the household card. i was approved for the best buy card. i ordered my credit report about 2 weeks later and it shows 2 inquiries on my credit report. one for best buy on june 30 and one for household bank on july 3. so i call best buy and ask them to clarify if only 1 credit report would be pulled for the 2 applications. she said “yes”” only 1 was supposed to be pulled. i explained my situation to her and said that’s not we are told and if they changed it

they should have let us know. nso she gave me the number for household bank and they were closed (i called on sat.) but on the recording it says that you can check the status of my application so i did. i was only approved for $300 my credit score is 650 and it probably went down a bit because of that. i have been building my credit for about 1 year now (i’m 19) and i think i have been doing pretty good. i have 5 credit cards now. and after the best buy card

i was going to wait at least 1 year before applying for another credit card again. ni am a little ticked about them pulling 2 credit reports when she cleary stated that it would only be 1. that’s the only reason i applied! i’m waiting for a while to get another credit card and thought “”they are already going to pull my report for the best buy card why not try for the household card?”” i mean

they should not tell you incorrect information. the girl stood there and lied to me! nHeathernolympia


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