Black Lion Investment Group, Inc. Review


Edward Wooten Email: [email protected] Phone: 704-885-6141, 980-213-7633, 248-843-4849 John Krcil Email: [email protected] Google Phone: 612-564-3471, Lee Rose [email protected] ,Asif Amann Scam funds threw a trading program for their own company and personal finances, investors never see a return on their funds, bate and switch with fraudulent trade contracts and escrow agreements. | This company is a complete SCAM they have taken my funds in promise of trading for simple investors like myself. I would like to warn any investors who sign up with this company especially Black Lions Investment Partners Inc and any of their shell companies stay far away. They will keep your funds or trade your funds and will not pay you anything. | They make excuses of funds are tied up with several government agenices. This makes you the investor not question what they are doing your are just a sitting waiting on nothing, as to keep trading and extortiong funds from investors or their ponzi scam. They will send you documents to sign such as Trade Agreements and Escrow Agreement where they make fifty percent or more off your trade and you never see the amount promised to you. | If you send your deal your partners will not get paid as well. They are the most unprofessional group I have ever met. They will not return calls emails or texts they just ignore any correspondence after they have recieved your funds. We cannot allow these CRIMINALS to get away with this they are only in the business to STEAL and keep your funds for their own personal gain. | They will promise you small investments for a large investments on funds in there trade accounts. They manage their own escrow accounts and do not plan on paying investor. Do not get caught up in this scam. They lure unspecting victums in there private placement investment scam by telling you to wire the funds to their Black Loin Investment Account where you do not hear from neither party listed above.


Name: Black Lion Investment Group, Inc.

Country: United States

State: California

City: Los Angeles

Address: 1180 South Beverly Drive Suite 700

Phone: 1-424-284-7784


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