Blackman Cycle Center


Blackman Cycle Center Overcharged me by over 2200 dollars and top top it all off the motorcycle needed engine repair/posible replace after 27 miles emmaus Pennsylvania!!. I recently purchased a bike from this place took it out for a good 25 mile ride and was ok, the very next day i started the bike and imidiate engine noises and ticking. it sounded like metal on metal. I call my salesman and he really did not know what to say, he did pull a similar card to “they all do that” etc. was complete nonesense, told me to ride it and see if it goes away. When i call to try and give the thing back they told me that i am indeed stuck with it, i will be persuing legal course of action very soon to resolve this issue. the worst part was they marked to price up 800 dollars on me with fees i was never told about and total wound up paying over 2200 dollars over the book value. when i spoke to the salesman before purchasing he said to me the bike is perfect. when i got home it was dark so i could not check it out. the next day i notice the bike has indeed been dropped. after ansering my question has it ever been dropped he told me no, it has a bent clutch lever along with a marred up stator cover. All in all i am not one bit happy with this place and there sales scemes, along there incompitence to stand by there product.

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