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I am beyond upset regarding the ongoing negative experience I had (am having) with Bluefly customer service representatives . Firstly I have been partially disabled from a stroke. It takes me much more time, than in the past, to do anything but I manage. Let me start from the beginning since I have spent countless hours on the phone, emails, etc. trying to remedy the situation caused by errors and incompetence within Bluefly’s establishment. A few weeks ago I ordered a Prada saffiano tote bag. I paid through Amazon. Bluefly charged me the (approximately 1414.00) sale price but never sent me a confirmation email. The money was taken from my bank account but no usual email confirmation was sent. I called Bluefly. They could not locate the order. They told me I had to call Amazon. I called Amazon who called Bluefly. They stated that Bluefly stated they could not do anything and I had to call them. I called Bluefly again who stated they couldn’t find the order so they could not help me. I called Amazon again. This went back and forth for days until I finally spoke with someone who said the charge would eventually come off my bank account since no order actually existed in their system. Honestly if human beings cannot resolve computer errors, then we shouldn’t be so reliant on them. I then called Bluefly again, noticing that the Prada saffiano tote had been moved to Belle&Clive for a Prada sale. I see how items get moved back and forth between the two and was even lied to by a customer representative who stated Bluefly NEVER EVER did that. However the bag, yes the same one I originally ordered, was back at it’s original price of over $1800.00. I called Bluefly and spoke with a young incompetent customer representative. I spent well over an hour on he phone since she was having difficulty placing the order with her computer. She spoke with a superior who stated she could order the bag for me and give me a $300 and change discount since the price I paid two days prior was less. Still not as low as what I paid but it didn’t seem worth the dispute. She stated she tried and tried but couldn’t put the order through. She stated she wasn’t supposed to ask, since she was supposed to do it, but requested I order it on my end while on the phone with her. I understand some people have difficulty with technology so I obliged and ordered the bag. I thought that would be the end of this ongoing saga. I was wrong. The next day I checked my bank account and was shocked to see that I was charged twice for the one Prada bag. Now there were three charges. Thank God I had enough in the account to cover both $1800.00 charges and the $1414.00 charge but this was ridiculous. I assumed your customer representative thought the order she tried to place for me did not go through but it obviously did. She was at the end of her shift and tired. Once again I called Bluefly. The person I spoke with had to get back to me since I was told this was now a final sale. The same Prada bag I originally ordered was not final sale but apparently I was told it was now. This was getting absurd. I spent a lot of time explaining the whole story to straighten out this retail disaster and eventually I was sent a return authorization for the duplicate order. Even though I would have to wait for both to arrive, I was told NOT to refuse the delivery or it would take a long time to refund my account, I assumed this horrible experience was coming to an end. Both Prada bags finally arrived. I cannot describe the shock, disappointment, and disgust I experienced when I opened the boxes. Both bags were filthy, damaged and defective. They had obviously been improperly stored and improperly shipped. Completely bent and crumpled. I can only imagine how many times these bags had been returned. I know Prada saffiano leather. It is hard, durable, and looks brand new for years. I have had several Prada safffiano items for this reason alone. These bags were bent beyond repair, crumpled, dirty, and poorly constructed. These bags in no way could be sold as new. I have never seen a new Prada item in this condition. One would have to try very hard over a long period of time to render these Prada bags in such poor condition. I spoke with a sales associate at Neiman Marcus in the Prada department and they agreed. This merchandise was unacceptable. I called Bluefly yet again. The customer service representaive agreed with me and asked for photos. I was exhausted by this process but agreed nonetheless. She told me to hurry as she would be leaving and would not be in the next day. I took photos immediately and sent some. I heard nothing back. Once again I had to call and was told they were never received. I sent them four more times just to make sure somebody received them. I called again. I was told they were received. I was told the photos were being sent to customer service escalations department by phone and email. I was told a lot of things and was assured this matter would be resolved and I would receive return authorization in a day, two at most. That was weeks ago. If this had been a $50 bag Bluefly would still be providing poor customer service and unethical acts of selling damaged defective merchandise as new. This has been weeks of trying to resolve so many mistakes Bluefly made. Unfortunately too much stress can be fatal in my case and I tried very hard, have been for weeks, to calmly right their wrongs. Whether employees made an innocent errors or escalations just dropped the ball, this is an illegal action. Bluelfy customer service department and company in general treated a longterm disabled client with disrespect. Poor treatment of any long term client is unforgivable. Poor treatment of a long term disabled client should result in termination. I feel very taken advantage of. I have been kind and patient but Bluefly has gone too far. I have never had experiences like this with any high end customer department store service representatives. The experiences I had with Bluefly/Belle&Clive was emotionally distressing to me and caused me damage, all because I wanted to buy a NEW pristine Prada tote bag and not be charged for the tote order that got lost in your system. I could have called my bank and stop payment. I thought I would be decent and inform them first, giving Bluefly the opportunity to make things right. What would you do if you were in my position? Being charged for a Prada bag that allegedly was never ordered, then being charged for two filthy, damaged, defective Prada bags, advertised as brand new, and then working so hard to resolve the problem only to be ignored after told several times not to worry that it would be taken care of by customer service. I am distressed. I will have to involve consumer protection, the ADA, and my lawyer if necessary. I wished to resolve this in an amicable manner but it appears that will not be the case.

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