BMW OF ALEXANDRIA BMW of Alexandria opperated by TEAM of scammers!!. new style of fraud identified at BMW OF ALXANDRIA opperated byTEAM of scammers from Sri Lanka , AYESHA PANAKURE and Al Milani I possibly faced very misleading and fraudulent epysode at this dealership i called about 2019 bmw x5 priviuse rental according to car fax, Ayesha Panakure answered the phone 3 days ago and shell said she will call me back about $55000 of my offer, seams like she forgot to call me back , i made follow up phone call and same sales person said i just about to call youu2026. so we agreed on the price of $55000 and after the price was approved and they processed buyers order, the same sales person said i have to add additional $3000 to $55000 because Iu2019m not financing vehicle, i was trying to disagree buy she passed phone to Al Milani , who was very rude on the phone, he said no way i can skip $3000 ,because i have to lease this car. But there is regulation on autotrader that states all prices should have a price disclaimer on the add. So those guys simply practicing fraudulent method of sucking money from clients and they using heartless and rude team of foreigner sales people who not complying normal american standards. PLEASE STAY AWAY OF BUYING HERE.

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