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After trying to make 9 calls through to with people there speaking with accents that could not hear us or understand us, were not sure but we phoneically spelled out the area 4 times and our call was disconnected because the person answering became frustrated. So we called back again and again we politeley asked for a manager and each time put on hold only for the operator to come back telling us ‘DINA WONT TAKE YOUR CALL UNLESS YOU HAVE A BOOKING NUMBER!?! Only a complete Douc_bag would behave this way but it must be part of the training. Even when we said we’d write to the DARREN HUSTON and that we were recording the call and that we would post this online they could care less. One operator even lied said I will be the manager how can I help. We demanded speaking to second level and they kept putting us on hold having 2 way conversations and not coming on the phone. It sounded like the UK office we were calling. These two D-bags michelle and Dina must have both graduated from the same management program as expecting a courteous response let alone getting on the phone was like asking for a blood sample. We are done using and if your reading this Darren Huston you’d best have your HR team walk them out the door with $4 dollars severance but that would be overpaying them.

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