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Believe it or not? Second year in a row Boxer Property at 7324 Southwest Freeway can’t provide adequate heating to the building. Last year after requesting maintenance I resorted to providing employees with thermometors so they could email Boxer Property corporate management. I quess building management got tired of being guestioned by corporate management and sent out qualified technicians. They found heat strips burned out, wires disconnected, covers left of heating units, and more. Boxer finally fixed these problems and the office finally warmed up. End of problem I thought. On to this year. Again no heat. This year Boxer blames the problem on the central air/heat system. Funny last year it was faulty heat strips in heaters for individual office spaces. After several requests for maintenance, all unanswered, a maintence worker shows up today. He begins arguing that his thermometor is more accurate and everything is fine. In his professional opinion all blinds must be closed to keep the office warm. First time I have heard this one in forty years of working. The company pays the rent each month on time and Boxer acts like we should be honored to office in their building. Boxer also seems to beleive allowing a dangerous parking garage to exist is good for business. I personally I been almost hit by cars speeding up and down the parking ramps. Boxer’s response to this is they don’t have the security staff to do anything about this. The closest call was by one of their security staff. I emailed Boxer Property and didn’t even receive a reply. In my personal opinion the only way to get the attention of Boxer Property management is to begin an email writing, maintenance request, and consumer reporter campaign. Maybe with enough outcry Boxer Property will uphold its obligations under the lease agreement signed with their tenants. .

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