Brain Haenze Tag,Towing and Collision


Brain Haenze,(Tag Towing and Collision, Overly charging and wrongfully towing Other!!. I was towed from Residence of South Hills, and I had a visitor pass. I was told that I was towed because the visitor pass was no longer valid. I explain to him that I didn’t get the memo. I work here and I didn’t see any signs stating that “the visitor passes are eliminated and no longer valid.” When I picked up my car, I was charge $250.00 and no explanation of charges. When I asked to see the nonconsent scheduling fee, he did not have one. So, Brian Haenze, the owner of Tag Towing and Collision, can charge any fee he would like on any particular day to any particular person. This is insane. I think they target low income neighborhood and minorities. Anytime a business has to merge with other businesses, usually there are suffering from a finaicial hardship. He has merged his business with an auto body shop and dealership. They currently have a lawsuit filed against them. Stay away from all them businesses.

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