Cascade Capital llc series C


Original Creditor was Floridian Hospitalist Services LLC, I was in the hospital for an emergency gall bladder removal in 2015. I was still awaiting the Federal level Second Appeals Council decision on a disability case that was now in its 3rd full year of waiting on bureacratic b.s., The ssd case was finally approved at the MEDICAL level, I informed my hospital and my doctors that took care of this at the time of surgery and they asked me to fill out alot of paperwork and they would be able to provide me with financial assistance in the matter should i meet the eligibility guidelines. I submitted all that they asked for and I did in fact meet all the financial eligibility requirements for the hospitals financial assistance program. Okay, never heard from them again, until NOW…2 years later and theyre disguising the account as collections. I informed the previous creditor of what I just wrote here, and now all of the sudden the accounts have been transferred to Cascade Capital LLC series C. very clever, very clever…….12 letters in one day from Cascade all with different account numbers but with my name….very clever indeed. This is what a total big company health industry SCAM looks like!

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