Casey Weseloh


Casey Weseloh Empire Stock Transfer, Inc. Casey Wesoloh Scammed my Money, Got me Drunk, Gambled My Cash and Tried to Rape me! Henderson, Nevada!!. I understand people are beginning to speak up about these guys, so it’s only right that I share my experience. Casey Weseloh told me he was a big shot in this big investment firm, and he could make me a lot of money. He’d been asking me out, so I finally said yes. We went out a few times and I gave him a lot of my savings to invest. But one night he took me to the Casino, and I got really drunk. I’m not sure how since I didn’t have much to drink. But Casey not only gambled away all the money I had with me, he then tried to force me to have sex! I don’t remember much of that night, but when he tried to force himself on me, I woke up quickly, got a cab and got out of there! Iu2019m back home in Canada where he canu2019t get to me. But I can’t get any information on my investment – I’m not even sure he invested my money, now. So from reading what’s been posted here on Ripoff by other victims, I’d say stay away from anyone that has anything to do with this company. Nothing good can come from it. P.S. Casey wasn’t even a bigwig like he said – he’s just a glorified office boy.

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