Celebrity School of Beauty Review


I enrolled in Celebrity School of Beauty, seeking training to get a barber’s license. I was told it would cost me over $12,000 and in a year I would be ready to pass the state exam for the said license. I began taking daily classes when I quickly realized that this school is a scam. You really don’t receive any real training. The “instructor” was unprofessional and loud. He spent most of the day on his cell phone on social media and basically the class consisted of him letting the students practice cutting hair on each other and on unsuspecting customers that would come in and pay $5 for haircuts from students. It was a very unprofessional setting with no real structure. Days were spent chatting about anything but hair and when I asked why were we not covering whatever is to be on the test, I was told that “we would get to it” and frankly never did. Anything I learned I learned on my own and with other students. I learned nothing from this “school” or instructor and am now stuck with the $12K. .

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