I was placing the order for shipment giving ALL my info (personal, credit card, phone, e-mail, name..) cause they really seemed legit (beautiful webpage w/ALL required ‘secure protection”..) , so I pressed “make payment” & after a long wait, the page opens and it said:”woops! your order could not be completed. sorry about that…” then I e-mailed them a question to which they did not respond today…so I went ahead and called them up to place an order over the phone, but to my surprise a woman answers, but from a REAL, LEGIT FRYE COMPANY and tells me these ppl I placed the order with last night run a total fraud website, take my credit card and personal info and then not take my order, my order will just disappear, what exactly happened…and she urged me to contact my bank immediately!!!
I’m not a real naive person, but these guys are good, i really believed they are legit…
Please do something!!
Thank you!
MS. I demand GO get them!! if i see the charge in my account, I’ll definitelly want the money back and i will destroy their existance for sure!!. Stay away

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