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Choice Automotive Richard* and Employee of and or the owner sole me a car with a blown motor and misrepresented the mechanical condidtion davenport Illinois!!. I purchased a used auto from Choice Automotive Repair shop, the car was not as described. The owner’s husband, friend or employee “Richard” will not work to a solution with me. May of 2018 I purchased a 1991 honda crx from the owner of Choice automotive. He specifically told me and my witness the car only needed a head gasket and radiator to run properly. Now Choice automotive is a automotive repair shop, so I bought this car on the good faith he was telling me the truth. Well i made the repairs he said it needed. The problem is the repairs did not fix the problem. I had another shop check my work and to help diagnose the problem and it turns out the Honda CRX has a warped engine block. This is a much bigger repair than what Choice lead me to believe. I purchased the car for 650$ I put 200$ worth of parts on the car. Had an independent shop check my work for 100$. I am also out the time an energy this whole thing has cost me. Choice automotive is unwilling to work with me on a solution to this problem. I feel ripped off and lied to by a business owner in my community. I am worried choice automotive repair shop might do this to other people in the community. They are also claiming to not be an auto dealership and I know this. I know they are a repair shop and this is why i believed what they told me about the repairs the car needed. I have been ripped off and lied too.

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