Christopher Hojas of Hojas Music Review


Christopher or Chris Hojas is a con artist scumbag thief who is posting multiple ads on craigslist and other advertising websites for forex managed investment account services. This guy is a scammer who takes people’s hard earned money, runs away never to be heard from again. | He took $300 of my money, ignored my calls and is hiding behind a fake identity google plus phone number. He’s believed to be residing in the pompano miami beach county area of Florida. If you see any of his ads online, red flag them down and notify corporate offices immediately, this guy is not to be trusted so please don’t conduct any business with this crooked thief or you will surely regret it by losing your hard earned money, its just not worth the risks. | Christopher Hojas uses various money apps such as PayPal, Venmo, Cash app and he has an account with TD bank. Stay away from this con artist and notify police if you too have been scammed by this wretched criminal.


Name: Christopher Hojas of Hojas Music

Country: United States

State: Florida

City: Miami


Phone: 1 954-366-9121


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