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We booked this resort because it was very reasonably priced. Of course we got stuck going to the Sales Presentation. The keep you there for several hours and push to sell you their club status. The only reason that we even considered joing was because they offered to buy our existing time share with Grand Mayan which we hadn’t used in years because we were reluctant to go back to Acapulco due to all the murders by the cartels. Below are the QUALIFICATIONS. | We are married, over 70, annual income less than $30K and my wife is a travel agent but that didn’t matter. | Married Couples or cohabitating at least for 24 months or Single Woman (Cohabitated couples must present a ID with the same address). | Must be American, Canadian (except Montreal and Quebec), Mexico or UK Citizens and Residents) | 30 to 65 years of age; Mexican Residents over 35 years old. | Travel with one Major Credit card / 2 CC for Mexicans | Annual combine income of US$50,000 dollars for US Residents / $60,000 pesos per month for Mexicans | Not applicable to students, travel agents, airline employees or unemployed persons | We did not hear any bad things and met people there that were definitely pleased with the Club and had been members for years. | Anyway, we decided to join the club and gave them $4900 on my credit card. When we got back to the USA, we found that our membership with Grand Mayan had been cancelled because we hadn’t paid the renovation fees. We contacted them and advised them of this situation and got this e-mail response. | Hello Good afternoon deear members | as per your request I am sending attached cancellation letter of the contract c46127, sign the document and send me back to proceed with the cancellation. | Best regards | It goes on to say there will be no refund

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