Complaint: Following is on the front web page of the Colorado Supreme Court, Attorney Regulation Commission: Attorneys Must Meet High Professional StandardsBecoming a licensed attorney requires many years of difficult studies and successful completion of a grueling state-administered bar exam. The Colorado Supreme Court has established high standards of ethics for attorneys. The standards are contained in the Court rules and the Colorado Rules of Professional Conduct (Volume 12 Colorado Revised Statutes Chapter 20) and the Appendix to Chapters 18-20).The Court has also established procedures regarding the investigation of alleged unethical conduct. The procedures are designed to provide a thorough and objective review of the attorney’s conduct, and to resolve the matter in a way that is fair to the complainant and to the attorney.To administer the procedures, the Colorado Supreme Court has appointed an Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel; a nine-member Attorney Regulation Committee, composed of both attorneys and lay persons; and an Office of the Presiding Disciplinary Judge. (No tax dollars are used to fund the attorney regulation process.) Ethics and Discipline When attorneys enter the practice of law, they take an oath to uphold the law and to follow the standards of ethics established by the Colorado Supreme Court. An attorney who violates the law and/or those standards is subject to discipline. In cases involving minor misconduct, an attorney may be admonished, censured, or placed in a diversion program. In serious matters, attorneys face suspension of their license to practice law or disbarment. But what happens when “The fox is watching the hen house?”” Below

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Address: please find a letter that I just wrote the Colorado Supreme Court about the Attorney Regulation Commission and it’s director John Gleason. I think it becomes quite obvious after reading that the above “”Mission statement”” of Mr. Gleason is nothing more than window dressing covering up a corrupt organization filled with cronyism

Website: CO 80202 CERTIFIED MAIL #03071790000012001333 Justice Michael Bender

Phone: deceit and most likely monetary bribes. (See Allison Maynard’s investigation into John Gleason which presents the strong probability that Mr. Gleason is accepting bribes via second mortgages on his residence; one of which corresponds with the events in this action.) Colorado Supreme Court 101 West Colfax Avenue

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