Contractors State License Board Review


As a contractor for some time now, my experience with Contractors State License Board has been a huge headache to say the very least. We are tired of the wrong doings of the CSLB and working to shed light into the corruption and discrimination towards the very businesses that support them. | Here are a few examples | Corruption is very common in Contractors State License Board (CSLB). There are six instances when registration payment was made to the CSLB and cleared the bank. These registrations were claimed unpaid and our applications were never processed. | There are numerous complaints made to Contractors State License Board for wrong doing on our part were we shown proof that customers were falsely accusing our company and was ignored by representatives of CSLB. Most situations we were not given the opportunity to present our side of the story resulting in costly damages. | Furthermore, we were accused of overpricing projects when it is convenient to customers and underpricing damages that was done to us by the very organization that should be helping our businesses. Playing prices on both sides to close hardworking businesses like ours is what CSLB is all about. | Finally, hiring so called “Industry Experts” to disprove our claims when the so called inspector did not even inspect the job site and simply took the words of the customer is how CSLB experts conduct inspections. You can find out more about our inspector Steven Cook when you query on Google. | Currently we know about a petition going on with numerous contractors signing on to support claims against the Contractors State license Board. If you are interested in signing a petition against the CSLB wrong doing please email or message on this forum. | Corrupt Members of Contractor State Licensed Board | Pamela Tomashek | David Fogt | Nyssa Wilson | Ubaldo Sanchez | Steven Cook


Name: Contractors State License Board

Country: United States

State: California

City: Sacramento

Address: P.O. Box 26000

Phone: (916) 255-3900


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