CRK Appraisals


Recieved two heavy equipment assignments from this company. Long distance travel involved and large claim. It was completed with no issues and 3 months went bye and no payment and no return calls. i called the carrier who gave them the assignment Centurry Ins and they contacted Cheryl Jackson and she sent us a email that same day saying it would be sent out next week. Never recieved payment. I called Century Ins again and asked adjuster to contact her as we have never recieved the check and it was another month gone bye. Got call back from carrier and Cheryl Jackson is not returning her calls now. | This company is a scam. They used my work and got paid by the carrier and just never bothered to pay my company. I have filed complaint with CA insurance commision about disptach services not being licensed or bonded in CA. We are being told by carriers when this happens they have no liabiility, yet they send the work to these dispatch appraisal companies and when fraud it committed they want nothing to do with company they used to sent out thier work. | Never do work for CRK appraisals. Please file complaint with CA insurance commision about these dispatch services. They even take our name off our work product and put thier names in place to make it look like they have appraisers every where in the US.

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