Dart Transit Shipshewana Indiana


Complaint: I drove for Dart for 3 years. I made the mistake of doing their Lease-Purchase program. I got my truck thru them but had outside financing from Wells Fargo. I was the victim of a hit and run and my truck was totalled. I paid the truck insurance thru Dart and they are self insured. When truck was totalled they said I owed more than the truck was worth. They never showed me any proof what was paid or what truck was worth or anything that was done. They said I owned $ 5400 more than insurance paid. They took my maintenance account money which came out of my milage pay and went into a maintenance account set up by the company. Instead of Wells Fargo coming after me for the $ 5400 Highway sales took $ 4200 from my maintenance account and stated that it went to pay the truck off. I spoke to Wells Fargo and he said he would contact me for the difference but he has never called me back its been over a month and still no contact. I believe I was ripped off in this deal I lost my truck and lost my job and was never shown or given any proof of the insurance transactions. Plus Dart or someone got the money from the sale of the truck to a Salvage yard in Pa. Which I was left out of the loop on that transaction also. The company and Pa. State police are calling the hit and run a single vehicle accident and I also recieved a Citation for driving to fast but Dart has proven I was traveling 10 miles an hr under the posted speed limit and Pa. State police officer Peacock states that an inch of snow on the ground makes the road very treachorous. But by the time he was done yelling profanity at me and telling me to get into his f*cking car right now he never got the whole story. they 2 weeks later when I finally got the chance to speak to officer after him mailing me the citation he called me a liar and stated I changed my story. I am getting ripped off on this whole deal. I want to file a suit against Dart for stealing my $ 4200 from my wages. They try to cover their own butts by hanging their drivers out to dry.

Tags: Local Transportation

Address: 800 Lone Oak rd. Eagan, Minnesota United States of America

Website: www.dart.net/

Phone: 800-366-9000

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