Debt Relief Team


When a person is hired to work for a small start up company, you expect they would be ethical and pay for hours worked. I was recruited to come and contribute my experience and expertise to a brand new debt settlement company. | I contributed my ideas and even helped them get organized, but it wasn’t appreciated. Kervin Jackson (the manager) made it virtually impossible for anyone to make any money. There we no suitable leads to close. Our paychecks were withheld until the end of the business day instead of being direct deposited as requested. We were constantly being lied to. | I personally was not paid for overtime worked. It was requested that we work through lunch and yet weren’t paid for it. | I constantly heard them lying to innocent clients looking for help with their debt situation. These clients were being overcharged and forgotten about. There is no customer service department…only Kervin Jackson. | WARNING: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH DEBT RELIEF TEAM.

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