Decent Fund Reviews & Complaints


How decent is the Decent Fund? Let’s see what they have. They have: 1. Not a big portfolio, but looks like this is the only thing they are proud of. 2. Links to posts on as if it’s very important 3. A statement: “everything around us can be represented and understood through numbers”. Take it any way you want. 4. Three links to social media such as Twitter, Telegram and Medium So we don’t know: 1. Who stands behind the fund. In other words, their team is not introduced. 2. Where it’s located. Actually, they mentioned it in their Twitter profile, it states the fund is based in Barcelona, Spain. But you know what? It doesn’t really count, because all of the important information should be provided on the website. Other sources may not be noticed by people. 3. Their contacts. Do people have to use Twitter to talk to them? They didn’t even provide an email. The only advantage is that they keep maintaining their social media showing that the fund is alive. And one more thing. The website is not really informative in general. So it’s 2 out of 5, sorry

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