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– DHL staff in Riga Latvia provided us with bad information and the DHL customer service over the weekend was not helpful. They told us when we called DHL Brussels that they would take some action to request a re routing of a package; but, apparently they did nothing. We operate a tourist office in Riga Latvia, one of our clients went to Berlin for only the weekend but forgot to take some special medication with them. We telephone the Riga DHL office whom we have an open account with. We ask if they would deliver this medicine to the clients hotel in Berlin on Saturday if we shipped on Friday. The answer was yes. We completed the DHL Shipping request using the DHL online system. There was a special box for Saturday delivery and we selected this option. When the shipping label was printed SATURDAY delivery was clearly printed on the label. We would NOT have shipped the medicine if we had know it would NOT be delivered on Saturday. The package arrived at DHL’s sort facility in Brussels on Friday night and there it sat for the weekend. When we called DHL USA late Saturday night for advice, they gave us the number for the DHL Customer service in Brussels and told us they would start a “file record” to re-route the package back to Riga instead of delivering it to the hotel in Berlin. We have made numerous telephone calls to various DHL offices in Brussels, Berlin and Riga Latvia. Each time, we have to start from the beginning, like they don’t know anything about this problem. The customer service people are NOT friendly, NOT helpful and do NOT seemed to be concerned. As we speak, the problem is not resolved. DHL Latvia wants a signed letter from us guaranteeing that we will pay for the shipment before they re-route back to Riga. I find their service and attitude to be UNACCEPTABLE. My account will be closed and I will not intend to use their services any longer. Mike Johnson, General Manager, Patricia Tourist Office, Riga Latvia

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