Called by phoneDIGI SUPPORT PROSI thought I was contacting a support that could help me with my PC problems. I up graded from Windows 8 to Windows 10. Every thing was working fine for a while, then I began having problems. The cursor had a blue blinking light that would not go off and when I right clicked the mouse my options came on so fast and diapered before I could choose an option. That when I contacted DIGI SUPPORT PROS. After many hours and days of trying to get results (language problems with Indians who claim to speak English) I finally got a Technician the fixed the problem. After that they sold me a Support Security Plan for $350. They knew my age because it came up in conversation,83. A few days latter the called and said my computer had been compromised (I think his exact words were hacked) and wanted to sell me another package to prevent this problem from ever happening again it would have cost an additional $700. My wife then got on the phone and read them the riot act, that we had all ready spent $350 on a Support Security Plan, and that they should live up to that. She told them no more money and do not call again. I felt scammed because of my age and their confusing reasoning. We can buy a new computer for that.,

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