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Don Swanson (Edward Jones) – Scam

My parents have been working with Don Swanson (Edward Jones) and so far, they have been getting ripped off. Iíve written this article to expose this scam. Don Swanson is a financial advisor affiliated with Edward Jones, a reputed organization that has been operating for many years. They have locations all across Canada and the US. My parents trusted the Edward Jones name but they had no idea that one of their advisors would turn out to be a fraud. 

That man has been scamming them through made up fees. They pay him because they think he is handling their assets proficiently. However, he isnít doing anything. In fact, he has only depreciated their net worth in the past few years. I have seen it happening in front of me but they trust him more than me. Don thinks itís okay to scam people. 

He shouldnít be allowed to run a wealth management firm. No, he should be thrown in jail because of his scam. The way my parents have been losing money ever since they started doing business with him, itís obvious that Don is doing something fishy. I suspect that he might be embezzling money from my parents. Nothing else would explain the reason behind their financial loss. The thing is, both of my parents are gullible. They easily trust people. And when someone comes in and says, ďhey, Iím an experienced professional and Iíll do my best.Ē They think the other person is telling the truth. This review is to alert other community members and citizens. I donít want anyone else to lose their savings or assets because of this shady guy. If youíre affiliated with Don Swanson, you should get someone to check your books. Please make sure that he isnít embezzling money from your assets or accounts. I already have someone looking into my parentís accounts. If I find anything, Iíll head to FINRA or SEC to report this guy. I donít want him to get away with his scam. In any case, Edward Jones should take note of this case and end their affiliation with Don Swanson. 

What is embezzlement?

Embezzlement happens when the person responsible for certain funds doesn’t use them for their intended purpose. It is illegal for wealth advisors to embezzle their clientís funds. When you give a financial advisor your money, they tell you that they will invest it. If they choose to do something else, for example, keep a chunk of it for themselves, then that would be illegal. My suspicion is that Don Swanson of Edward Jones has been embezzling my parentsí money for some time. Proving it can be really difficult but itís better to be safe than sorry. I would like to reiterate, if youíre working with Don Swanson, please get someone to check your books. It would be better if you could do this without letting him know. Otherwise, he might get a chance to hide any evidence. Look, if you don’t find anything, then good for you. But wouldn’t it be better to be safe than sorry? 

Who is Don Swanson (Edward Jones)?

Don Swason is a wealth advisor affiliated to Edward Jones, a prominent wealth management company. He is based in Missouri, USA and has been in the industry for over 40 years. He runs a team of financial advisors in Missouri. Such qualifications make him quite an attractive professional. It makes him seem like the best financial advisor in the area. Thatís why writing this post was so necessary. I know how easily people can fall prey to shady financial advisors. And I donít want people to end up like my parents. 

If you or any of your friend or relatives are doing business with this man, please get them to check their accounts and assets. On the other hand, you can ask yourself this, have this man lost your money recently? What was the reason for that loss? Chances are, he lied to you. Just like he lied to my parents. Please raise awareness in the community and let others know about this. If you find anything, you should report it to FINRA or SEC. It surprises me that they havenít taken any action against this man. 

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