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Dowling and Yahnke Wealth Advisors – Cause Huge Losses to Clients

My uncle is a client of Dowling and Yahnke. He keeps paying their bills even though they have caused him huge losses of $XXX,XXX. I have advised him many times to get rid of D&Y Advisors and hire someone else but he thinks they will improve. 

Dowling and Yahnke is the perfect example of incompetence. These people donít care about their clients. Nope, they only care about their commission checks. They recommend poor investments to their clients along with several good ones. Either their analytical skills are terrible or they are highly unethical professionals. 

In any case, D&Y Advisors donít consider their clients as ďtheir clientsĒ. They see them as their golden geese. Even though my uncle is a respected and experienced professional, he gets horrible treatment from these people. And he still employs these people to look after his finances! They have only caused him losses all this time. I have written this review so no one else would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars because of these incompetent people.

An incompetent financial advisor can cause you humongous losses. Not only will they cause you financial losses but they will also waste a lot of your time. Such wealth advisors are very deceptive and make false promises to their clients whenever it comes to their returns. My uncle hasnít received any impressive returns on any of the investments he made with D&Y Advisors. Thatís proof enough for me to know that these people are incompetent and deserve to get their license revoked. 

The SEC should look into Dowling and Yahnke because of its terrible services. I feel sorry for those who are paying the bills of these people. This firm shouldnít be allowed to operate in the financial industry at all. You can never trust a financial advisor who claims to give you unprecedented returns. Thatís how they have trapped my uncle. He believes that the advisors at Dowling & Yahnke would give him astounding returns in the future. However, he has only lost money while following their advice.

The associates at this firm would sweet-talk you into thinking they have your best interests at their hearts. In reality, these people are only after your bank balance. I have alerted many people in my peer group about the shady operations of this firm. However, I realized that it wasnít enough. They recently caused my uncle to lose an additional sum of $XX,XXX. When my uncle tried discussing this matter with his advisors, he received generic responses from them. They told him that he will recover all of his losses within the coming few months. Seeing how they have only caused him losses after losses, I donít think their claims have any truth. In my opinion, Dowling and Yahnke is a dangerous scam and no one should risk doing business with them. 

I donít believe their false promises for a second, but my innocent uncle does. He trusts the people at Dowling and Yahnke. Thatís what prompted me to write this review. I donít want anyone else to suffer such huge losses. Such sweet-talking scammers should be shut down by the authorities. They win your trust and then abuse your wealth. I would suggest hiring someone else in their place. Bull Oak Capital, for example, would be a much suitable choice. They have a pristine rating on Yelp and have a large pool of satisfied clients. Apart from that, they have a lot of experience in wealth management. If you know someone who is looking for financial advisory services, I would recommend that you hire Bull Oak Capital. 

Brief Information on Dowling and Yahnke 

Dowling and Yahnke (aka D&Y Advisors) are a wealth management firm based in San Diego, California. Their address is 12265 El Camino Real #300, San Diego, CA. They offer many financial services such as Investment Management, Retirement Planning, Charitable Giving, Executive Compensation, Saving for College, and many others. William G Beaner is the President and Chief Investment Officer of this firm. 

They have an excellent reputation in the area. Thatís one of the many reasons why my uncle chose to hire them. However, the numerous losses he has suffered because of the incompetence of these advisors, has changed my mind about this firm. I used to think highly of Dowling and Yahnke but now I donít. I donít recommend hiring this shady firm. 

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