Dr. Benjamin Delucia Sayville New York


Complaint: Dr. Benjamin Delucia is part of a growing trent in American medicine: because we have such bad health, we need a tremendous # of Dr.’s to treat us, and not enough are coming out of our medical schools. There is now an overabundance of foreign born and educated Dr.’s, and those like Delucia who are born here, but have to go to schools outside of the country to get their education. For some reason, there are a disproportionate # of Dr.’s affiliated with better hospitals like Stony Brook, NY who come from St. George’s Medical School, Grenada, which also operates an unaccredited Veterinary school. Would you take your animal to one of their graduates, or someone from an accredited school? Candidates go there, plain and simple, because they can’t get in to the better American schools. According to US News, it’s easier to get accepted at this school and similar foreign schools. Dr. Delucia made my life a living hell over an error in judgment, holding me against my will at Stony Brook Hospital CPEP (Comprehensive Psychiatric Emergency Program) where he was overseeing the intake area. I was mistakenly told by another Dr. that I could get a second opinion here over my concerns for an illness that was not responding well to current treatment. At no time did anyone at intake tell me what I was in store for: lockdown, removal of my belt, taking my money, phone, etc. No call allowed, of course. I was thrown in with dangerous psychiatric drug addicts and criminals. This was done to me, a man old enough to be in an Adult Community. All of my rights were taken away. I had no idea when or if I would even be allowed to go home. I was asked the name of my Dr.’s and I instructed that they not be called. I was ignored, and they were called regardless. I was told that if I didn’t do blood work, I could be held indefinitely. I complied, under unsanitary conditions. When I was finally allowed to leave hours later, I didn’t have any second opinion, rather an inaccurate blood reading, which I knew would happen beause I wasn’t fasting. I paid to get my medical records and learned that I had signed absolutely nothing giving my consent to this nonsense. Delucia et al accepted no responsibility, denied any wrongdoing, and multiple letters to various departments after the fact were all ignored. Abuses from Stony Brook CPEP run rampant online. Perhaps “Dr.”” Delucia needs to study his books a bit more

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Address: and pay less attention to his well-documented poker playing online. He left emotional scars years later

Website: 631-689-8333

Phone: and I’m hardly a g***amn game of cards.”

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