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Complaint: Dr. Lynda Rogers, MD Tennessee Valley Radiology/Sweetwater Hospital Assocciation 304 Church Street Sweetwater, TN 37874 P.O.Box 2278 Dalton, GA 30722 I am contacting you directly this one last time to take care of the billing dispute and abuse I have received from your radiology billing department in Georgia and collection agency, Revenue Recovery Corporation in TN. I received service on 10/1512 and 10/18/12 in Sweetwater. Account number 28870. Invoice amount $285.00. I received a bill in November 2012 (Included with fax). On 12/6/12 I called your billing dept. and asked if there were any discount for non-insured. The lady in billing told me the new total would be $221.75. On December 7, the payment was made through Regency banks billpay system. On 12/13/12 a check for $221.75 was deposited by Comprehensive Medical Solutions. (copy included with fax). On February 22, 2013 I started receiving letters and phone calls from Revenue Recovery Corporation claiming I did not pay and that it had been turned over to them for collections. I immediately called your billing office and was told no one would talk to me or discuss this issue since it had already gone to collections. I contacted RRC through phone calls and they told me I would need to fax documents for proof. I did this not only once but 4 times before a gentleman named Todd told me they had received them. They stopped contacting me for a year. Today 2/5/14 I received yet another notice and claim that I owe money and have not been available by phone. Yet no one has left me any messages regarding this issue and my phone number is not the same as it was one year ago. I am now going directly to you. I am faxing you the documents required to stop this harrassment now. Included are: original invoice, copy of payment check from regions bank, and past and present letters from RRC with original fax cover sent in Feb 2013. Please take care of this issue immediately. I will wait one week ( 2/13/14) and if there are any negative items on my credit report pulled that day I will be contacting an attorney on this matter. What could have been taken care of in my call to your billing dept. 3 months after the services, is now 2 years of harrasment. one month later 3/6/14 I am still receiving threats from collection agency.

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Address: 304 church street sweetwater, Tennessee USA


Phone: 865-213-8200

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