Drake Automotive and Transmission


On June 17th, 2014, I went to Drake Automotive in my RV with transmission problems. Drake Ohe took my vehicle for a test drive and advised me that I needed to have my transmission rebuilt “within 50 miles”. | On June 20th, he finished the repair and I paid him $3,185.59 by Mastercard. During this period, Drake had written out his cel in case I couldn’t reach him at the shop. | On July 20th, 4709 miles later, my transmission failed in Peoria, IL. I had the RV towed to Uftring , the local Ford Dealer (it had a Ford F-550 chassis and drive train) and called Drake to initiate the process of repairing the warranteed transmission. Drake requested that Bruce Martin, the Uftring Senior Master Technician in charge of the repair, evaluate the problem and send him pictures and an estimate to fix the problem. We did so and on Aug 6th, after many calls to Drake with little success, he told us he thought he could send us a rebuilt transmissionfor for less than the estimate Uftring had provided. On August 8th, after discussing this with Bruce, he and I attempted to reach Drake to acept his offer, and he became incommunicado. He put a block on his business phone for both Uftring’s and my phone numbers, dumping them immediately into his voicemanil box which was full. Thereupon, we used a different cel phone which he answered. He indicated he was looking for a transmissioin and would call us back. That was the last conversation we were able to have with him. We were never able to contact him again, after numerous attempts by both Bruce and myself. | Finally, on Aug 17th, two months later, after repeatedly, unsuccessfully trying to contact Drake at his shop and on his cel phone, I advised Bruce Martin to go ahead and order a “re-manufactured” Ford transmission for installation in my RV, which was completed on August 26th, 2014 for $3905.11. | Written communication with both the Texas Atty. Gen. and the Central Texas BBB have been unsuccessful in any financial recovery. | I’m writing this after two frustrating, unfulfilling years.

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